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(updated: 1. June 2018)

We are currently accepting new submissions.

What are we looking for?

Stories that will call for reviews like these:

"...couldn't put it down..." - "...I laughed so loud my neighbour came knocking..." - "... this made me laugh and cry and feel with the characters..." - "...edge-of-seat stuff..." - "...they feel like friends..." - "...story haunted me long after I finished reading it..."

So, our emphasis is on Story. And on characters. And on fast-paced, deep impact, moving stuff. Stories that entangle the reader and won't let go.

Oh, and... if you have instead written a textbook on Orthopthology or chocolate chip cookies, please feel free to submit this too. With a motivation why you wrote it.

Submit your manuscript by sending an email to Copy-paste the link into your email client.

Available Genres

1. Fiction:
Adventure | YA (all) | Fantasy | Science Fiction | General Fiction | Romance | Goth | Supernatural | Younger Readers | Comedy | Crime | Mystery | Other

2. Non-Fiction:
Financial Advisors | Life Coaching | Teaching Material | Music Books | Multimedia | Other

Some Fun Facts

  1. Editing is interactive. Our editors take care to check back with you so that your story stays true to itself.

  2. Cover graphic: You can bring with you a high-quality, fully suitable and marketable cover graphic. Else, the graphic design is up to us. Your preferences will be noted.

  3. Your personal details are always safe with us. And so is your book.

If this is the first time you submit a manuscript to a publisher:

Here's a bit of patronizing advice. (GBP, a.k.a. "General Best Practices")
  1. Make sure your manuscript is complete. (This goes for non-fiction books too. We don't work with proposals.)

  2. Have someone beta-read it for you critically. A fresh pair of eyes will pick up plot holes and lengths that are not obvious to you.

  3. IMPORTANT: Get it pre-edited by a pro! This is common practice for self-respecting authors these days. You want to give your manuscript the best chances. (A clue: We don't accept "dirty" manuscripts that are unedited.)

  4. What to send: Your final manuscript in .doc or .docx version (we also accept .rtf, .odt and .txt but draw the line at pdf). Send it by email and write us a cover letter with a 1-paragraph synopsis. You can use your name or pen name at this phase; we will need your full name once contracts are under discussion. No, we don't need your bio yet unless you are submitting non-fiction, in which case we want to know how you are qualified to write about your topic.

  5. Wait for our feedback. Give us the standard 2 weeks to read your submission before sending worried questions.

  6. You've submitted to other publishers at the same time? Do we care? Not at all! Here's what to do: Before accepting our contract, give about a month to wait for any stragglers to come in with their replies. (Technically two weeks should do it but a month is playing it safe.)