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Marie Marshall

"One drop of blood in the pool
and all the little fishes sing."
(Carmina Piranha by Marie Marshall)

Marie Marshall, Mairi bheag, little Mary, little voice, would prefer to be introduced by a paraphrase of Balthus’ famous telegram: NO BIOGRAPHY. BEGIN: MARIE MARSHALL IS A WRITER OF WHOM NOTHING IS KNOWN. NOW LET US READ WHAT SHE HAS WRITTEN.

However, life isn’t that simple. Marie was born in the 1950s in England and now lives in her ancestral Scotland. In her late forties she began to write short stories and novellas. In 2005 she discovered a gift for poetry and it is in that field that she is now best known, having attracted praise from fellow poets such as Bruce Dawe and Mary Ann Sullivan, and having had upwards of one hundred and seventy poems published, including one on the wall of a café in Wales and one etched into an African drum in the New Orleans Museum of Art. Naked in the Sea, a collection of poems written in 2009 and 2010, was published in 2010. She writes in English, Scots, and sometimes French.

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