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"Paean Donegal, I have only half of my crew!"

Three young musicians, hunted by the authorities, escape onto a ship. To their horror they discover that they have boarded a pirate ship. It is musos vs pirates from there on, and to his surprise the formidable pirate captain Radomir Lascek discovers new depths of meaning to the concept of "Trouble".

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"Pirate Lovers:

The Mystery of the Solar Wind (P'kaboo Publishers) by Lyz Russo is a heart-warming and sometimes breath-stopping tale of murder, flight and friendship. The Solar Wind's crew is more than a motley one. They are a bickering, eccentric clan, full of shenanigans and loyal to the death... which might just be around the corner." -- Your Family magazine, South Africa

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About the Author:

Lyz Russo is a writer and musician. Together with her husband she ran a very active strings teaching studio in Pretoria, South Africa, but moved to Ireland with her children after his untimely death. Her three children are, as always, her primary inspiration and her motivation.

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