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Do you know the Rainbow Witch?

No? I’m not surprised, most witches wear black, but not Mimi Rainbow Witch. Mimi Rainbow likes it bright! Rainbow Bright!

Mimi Rainbow Witch also loves children, and parties, and fun. She's a little bit ditzy and doesn't always know exactly what a spell will do - but she's always game for trying it out! So sometimes, she needs a little help from her older friends, to put things right that went a little... sideways.

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"This book is beautifully written....Great storyline for children and delightfully illustrated. What a super author Andrea Kaczmarek is!!!!" -- Julie, London.

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About the Author:

Andrea Kaczmarek was born in Wales and worked as a teacher for art and English, she now has three amazing grandchildren and spends a lot of time between England, Wales and Germany.

Her great passion is writing stories for children and reading to children’s groups. Together with the local library, she helped to found ‘The World of Reading’ (Lese -Welt) a charity in her town which brings books and stories to children of all ages.

“Books and stories are so important for the early the development of our children. Children who read and love stories have the very best start in life.”

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About the Illustrator:

Kseniya Shagieva is a children's illustrator and journalist from Russia. She lives and works in the Southern Urals, in the land of heavy industrial plants and picturesque mountains and lakes.

Dreamer, bookworm, mother of a little explorer.

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