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R60.- / $7.50

Krag (en ander stories)

by Iain Moncrieff Rossouw

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Krag en ander stories
Iain Rossouw

Iain Rossouw likes commenting on global and social situations. “Krag” is a comic social commentary in Afrikaans on the Eskom power-outages in 2008, which frustrated the musician in constantly interrupting his recording. “Be My Friend” is an emotional song on friendship. “Spanish Walk” and “Save It”, two instrumental pieces, are easy listening, the first painting a Mediterranean image and the second, reminiscent of his “Keep the Park” (on his first CD), which is a song about conserving a play-park that was under threat of being turned into a car park. “Two Guitars” is not an original but a traditional gypsy piece, including a violin, thrown in for variation.
Krag en ander stories

Genre: Music: Folk-rock
Krag en ander stories
(social comment, personal introspection, ballads)

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  • R60.- / $7.50

    Free Postage in SA
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