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First Goal-Posts:

Entries open:
The contest is open for entries now.

Entries close:
31 January 2019.
(More time to write.)
Prizegiving & Book Launch:
April 2019.

Ready, Set, Write!

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P'kaboo's very first

Young Writers' Contest Ireland

Are you a Young Writer?

P'kaboo is launching a writing contest for all young writers in Ireland who are at school, or are not yet 19.

Prize-Giving and Book Launch:

The winning stories will be published together in a paperback book.

The Prizegiving / Book Launch will take place in Cobh.

There will be prizes for first, second and third place in each of the age categories: Primary school, Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. We will also recognize the top 10 in each category, and the people who helped.
(Questions? Send us an email to
Good Luck!

How does this Young Writers' Contest work?

Step 1: First, you need to write a story.

How long? - That's up to you.

What must it be about? - That's your choice too.

But we do have a rule, a serious rule -
The story has to be your own.

Everything about it. The characters. The world they live in. The things that happen to them. It has to be your own invention. It can't be fan fiction. Sorry.

Step 2: Get it edited and in format.

Why? - Apart from common spelling and grammar errors (and by the way every author makes them), you need someone to go through the story and point out "plot holes" - places where it doesn't make sense. Once those have been fixed, you're good to go.

Who will edit? - Often, this could be an English teacher.

How do I format? - Two things are important.

  1. Write the story on a computer in a .doc or .txt file (.rtf will also work).*
  2. Secondly, you need to create a cover page. On the cover page should be your (pen) name, age, what school you go to and the name of your story. You could also mention (if you want to) who edited it for you.
(*For children 10 years and under we can accept paper submissions if they are no longer than 2 A4 pages. Contact us to find out the postal address, or scan and email.)

Step 3: Pay the entry fee* and send it in.

How much is the entry fee? - Only 2 Euro per story you send in.

How to pay it? - There will be a Paypal button on the website. You could pay it yourself or give it to an adult to pay on your behalf.

Where to send the story? - Email it to

Questions & Answers

Are there Royalties?

Are there advance cheques?

What prizes are there?

Do I have to be in school to enter?

What ages can participate?

Is there a charity that benefits?

Send us your questions - click here to email.

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